Sound clear on video calls. As if IRL: Krisp

Sound clear on video calls. As if IRL: Krisp

A. The Problem and The Pitch

We've all been there, haven't we? When the 🔔 doorbell rings, the 🐶 dog barks, your 🥤 flatmate is testing out the new blender, or your kids have a sugar rush! In a new remote working world, these are just all part of a standard Zoom feature now, right? 🤷


WFH-ers have started:

🔊 Putting up sound blankets

🎧 Getting ANC headphones

🖥️ Installing elaborate workstations

Off-grid workstations? Source:
Off-grid workstations? Source: Reddit

You could do that too. Or...

🎩 Get Krisp! 🎩

The simple 2-min setup for crystal clear meetings. For you and other attendees.


Krisp is a single button that removes all background noises for incoming and outgoing calls 🤯 Perfect for anyone worried about background noise - professionals for conference calls, teachers for their students, podcasters for their audience.

The AI-powered app removes background noise & focuses on the human voice. While this sounds like a simple concept, the 🤩 excellent reviews agree with us that this is game-changing. A real asset for the fast remote growing world & even better - there's a free personal option with room for business upgrades.


And here’s Chris Fox, a BBC tech reporter, running an interview with the founder of Krisp in a noisy environment. He also decides to turn on the juicer mid-call 🤣

B. What's special?

Krisp is an essential product for those who are working from home, remotely, and participating in online/virtual events. It helps you sound clear anywhere - next to a 👶 crying baby, outside 🚧 next to a construction site, at a 🍻 bar during happy hour!

#1 🏝️ True work-from-anywhere: You don’t have to second guess working from a coffee shop or any other public place. Or when you h ave to travel for work and take a call from the airport or from the cab. With Krisp, you can rest assured that the other attendees can hear you clearly.

#2 🏡 Local audio processing: As Mashable puts it

All of the audio processing happens directly on your computer, so none of your voice data is stored on the Krisp servers. The company is security-focused and will ensure your private meetings remain private. The noise-canceling app is trusted by big-named companies like GitHub, Discord, Wayfair, and even NASA.

Check out more positive feedback in the
Check out more positive feedback in the same thread.

#3 🐶 All dogs, no barks: Keep your dogs and productive conversations in the same room.

Check out the
Check out the full advert here.

C. What's more?

#1 Some more quick proof of how well Krisp works. In French!

#2 Here are a few more apps for a better WFH experience: Timezone app for those who work/live globally Bring back the serendipity of office chats Calls with live searchable transcripts, built-in agendas, and emoji timestamps Voice-based async communication. Less Slack. More Yac.

D. What's next?

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