Smart time blocking:

Smart time blocking:

The Problem and The Pitch

How often do you forget to block time for thinking, traveling, meals, mails, and miscellaneous tasks? What if you had a smart personal assistant who could do all this for you?


Meet Reclaim! A smart calendar assistant that can save you up to 40% of your workweek by helping you manage tasks better, stopping the day from getting full with meetings, and blocking time on your calendar for the things you want to do regularly like taking a walk in the noon or replying to emails twice a day.

What's special?

It’s time management made easy with a calendar that is smarter than you think! Your day is scheduled for you, to allow you time to do what matters most.

Not only that.. the snazzy calendar app also has the power to integrate routines, task management, meeting buffers & productivity stats!


Reclaim your time back with It's free until March 2022!

What's next?

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