Save time typing: Text Blaze

Save time typing: Text Blaze

The Problem and The Pitch

Have you ever thought how much time you waste everyday typing the same stuff over and over again? Text like you address, 'thank you' mails, LinkedIn intros are mundane and end up taking more time than you think.


Hi Insert name here,

How are you? I’m Great thank you BLAH BLAH BLAH ... If only I had $1 for everytime I typed that huh?

Introducing TextBlaze🔥: Type faster, type better. Accurately. Without the Boring Stuff

Eliminate repetitive typing & mistakes with easy-to-use super customisable  templates & impressive automation functions!

What's special?

Rumor has it that TextBlaze can save users over 28 hours per month & it's the most versatile way to speed up typing (only on Chrome though by the way).

You can create a '/' shortcut for almost everything:

  • /email → to enter you email on sign-up pages
  • /intro → to write your short intro blurb on Twitter or LinkedIn

Text, chat, and automate with ease!

What's next?

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