Make tasks delightful: Superlist

Make tasks delightful: Superlist

The Problem and The Pitch

Does your to-do app make you feel good? 🥰

As humans, we give our 100% to get recognition or to feel a true sense of accomplishment.

Yet many tools focus on showing you an endless list of things you didn't do - instead of letting you celebrate your triumphs 🎉


Superlist is a design-first to-do app which takes a contrarian approach. It makes you want to do things. 😌 Superlist defines productivity as a feeling and not a checklist ✅ of tasks accomplished.

Made by the founder of Wunderlist✨ (Christian Reber), it’s clear why the app has already received some hype from Verge & TechCrunch. Todoist founder, Amir Salihefendić, also joined the welcome party! 🥳


What's special?

It is the future of to-dos. Personal and collaborative. Private by design; collaborative by choice.

🤝 Collaborative: Work together on tasks sync and async. Using chat, voice, or video. But not like a project management app like Jira or Asana.

♥️ Personalized: Slice and dice your tasks in any way you want. And your collaborators can do the same - without affecting each other.


🧑‍🚀 Integrations: Strong integration with your existing workflows - communication, calendars, meeting scheduling software - so that Superlist can give you a bird's eye view of everything on your plate. And have the results of your tasks collected in one place.

💫 Design-first: "We crave software with style over branding". And Superlist sure seems to have put in a lot of thought into every interaction.

The product sign-in experience is usually mundane. But not with Superlist.
The product sign-in experience is usually mundane. But not with Superlist.

They're looking for early adopters to help them shape the product 🚀

What's the story?


10 years down the line, still a lot to-do:

2011: Reber founded Wunderlist

2015: Microsoft acquired the company

2017: It announced that Wunderlist would eventually be discontinued in favor of Microsoft To Do

2019: Reber even tried to (unsuccessfully) buy it back

2020: Reber announced Superlist!

2021: Superlist starts closed beta

What's next?

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