Fun video messaging for work. Unlike Zoom/ Loom: Volley

Fun video messaging for work. Unlike Zoom/ Loom: Volley

A. The Problem and The Pitch

How do you communicate at work? Or in your community? 🤔

Do you Zoom often? But feel that it interrupts your flow? OR

Do you Slack often? But feel that writing takes way more time than speaking?


What if you could have the best of both worlds? 🌎

Verbal and async.

So that you can share rich details and nuance. And also allow the receiver to speed up your message. As we’re used to in YouTube.

You can Loom ⏯️

But what if you could make it feel more natural? More casual? More conversational? And less like sending a one way pitch.

Credits: Volley
Credits: Volley

Voice notes have become popular over the last few years. What if we could add the same personality and context to our conversations? Like a threaded conversation 🧵

✌️That’s Volley✌️

It fills the space between Slack and Zoom in a more personal and contextual way.

Imagine meetings that no one attended. Yet everyone participated in (at 2x!)


Volley is async video messaging built for remote work. A more human communication experience for your inner circle– team members, superfans, community –where you can have meaningful, asynchronous face-to-face conversation about the things that move you. And it’s free. (More on this at the bottom)

B. What's special?

✌️ Volley aims to encourage creativity, making video-chat more interactive & accessible to remote teams, community, and educators.

We love Volley because it calls for collaboration without spending time coordinating your schedules. In Volley, you record a video (a volley) in a threaded conversation (like Slack ...but video) to give richness and facetime-like elements to remote working teams without the need to book in loads of meetings! 😌

#1 🏄‍♂️ Seamless video communication: The async communication & transcription tool is epic - allowing you to be super-efficient & switch up formats to suit your needs. And like Slack, conversations are neatly organized into workspaces. (Including screen recording like Loom)


#2 🥳 Fun and natural: You also don't have to stick to video, with integrations for voice, screen recording and file + image sharing. Say hello to GIFs and memes!

How you say it > what you say. Volley helps you convey your tone and body language better than emojis.(Credits: Volley)
How you say it > what you say. Volley helps you convey your tone and body language better than emojis.(Credits: Volley)

#3 📱 Wide availability: It is present across Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android so you can Volley wherever you are & you’re not limited to your desk!


C. What's more?

  1. 🎉 Volley is free 🎉 And the Volley team has promised what’s free will remain free. ”While we may need to limit some of the free features in order to keep costs in check, we would never pull features from a free product behind a paywall in an attempt to monetize. That’s a clumsy move ;).” ~Volley team
  2. 🦸 Video/Audio > Written?: The average person can compose written business communication at about 19 WPM, yet can speak at 150 WPM, and can comprehend speech at 400 WPM.
  3. ⚖️ If you prefer a direct comparison, here’s one:
  4. Source: Volley
    Source: Volley

Favorite part of the Volley website: 😂


D. What's next?

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