Build powerful apps without code: Softr

Build powerful apps without code: Softr

A. The Problem and The Pitch

Building web pages and apps from scratch can leave you limited by templates, expertise, & time to get it right. Whether you need to build an internal tool, resource directory or online community - there is no easy way to do this without an engineer. 🤷


What if you had a way to build apps and websites that...

would otherwise take days to build 📅

and could only be built by engineers 😎 a few hours by yourself?

That's no code.

It democratizes the creation of software.

Just what phone cameras did for video creation.


And, Softr is one of the best no-code apps out there.


Softr is the easiest and fastest way to build powerful web apps and portals from Airtable , in minutes (Airtable is Excel/Sheets on steroids). No code required. It is super simple - databases are pulled from Airtable & then Softr allows you to combine an effortlessly flexible (but template driven) take on web design.

With Softr, you can build:

🤝 Client & employee portals

⚙️ Internal tools

🛒 Marketplaces

💜 Online communities

📒 Resource Directories

💻 Websites & landing pages

Here are a few apps and websites built with Softr:

💯 100 days of no code: An online community for no-code

🧰 Tool me up: Find your next startup tools in 3 clicks

🗃️ Adsets: Discover the best performing ads in your industry

🌟 PunkHunt: Discover next gen NFT punks (A project I built in 2.5 hours)

Softr is especially useful for side-projects that involve a list/collection.


B. What's special?

No-code's never gonna match an actual programmer. But Softr makes the process of building an initial website/app 10x faster and simpler. It lowers the barrier to entry. It's the modern way to build v 1.0 for the web 🌐

And it's picking up fast. Softr is now used by more than 15,000 companies and creators around the world! 🚀

#1 🧩 Simple & easy to use: It’s like building a lego. Anyone without technical or design skills can use Softr and create a beautiful web app using 70+ building blocks.


#2 🚀 Powerful: Build a professional and robust web app with out-of-the-box memberships, payments, search, filtering, roles & permissions, using Airtable as your data source. No need to stitch five different tools together to create a fully functional application. #3 📱Responsive by default: Every page built with Softr will look great on tablet and mobile too.


#4 💜 Your domain on the free plan: Only on Softr you can launch your app on any domain without paying! Validate your idea first, then keep iterating with ease. (Almost no one else does this for free 🥳) #5 🌄 Interactive lists: List, Card, Grid, Table view pre-built layouts to display data. Real-time search, dynamic filtering and sorting all out-of-the-box.

#6 📝 Custom form builder: Create custom forms with a wide range of field types like email, files, etc. Collect responses in Airtable or any other service using Zapier/Integromat.


C. What's more?

  1. 🏃‍♂️ What's the best way to get started with no code? Connect with a few others exploring no-code tools, start learning with a goal in mind, and make a tiny start.
  2. 📚 Want more comprehensive guide to getting started with no-code? Head over to Zero to MVP to get 21 chapters on building apps without writing code.
  3. 🗃️ Here's a collection of over 200+ projects featured across no-code, automation, and low-code made with a variety of no-code tools.
  4. 🖼️ Here's a no-code tool to generate an NFT collection (your own CryptoPunk-like characters):
  5. 🗒️ There are a wide variety of no-code tools out there.

D. What's next?

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