Bookmarking on steroids: Raindrop

Bookmarking on steroids: Raindrop

The Problem and The Pitch

How do you browse the internet? 🏄‍♂️

Are you swimming 🏊 in a pool of tabs and bookmarks?

Say no more. There's a two part solution: One today and one on Dec 21.

Your native bookmark manager has some obvious problems over ~30 bookmarks:

😮‍💨 Difficult to organize

🔍 Frustrating search capability

😵‍💫 Poor cross platform experience

There's a simple (and free) solution to these problems 🙌...


Raindrop is your ⚔️ knight in shining armor. It is the gold standard for bookmark managers today.

You can organize your bookmarks 🔖 in a way that makes sense to you to keep track of all of your favorite books, songs, articles or whatever else you come across while browsing.

What's special?

Raindrop does bookmarks well. And then wins 🏆 with its small, thoughtful features on top.

😌 Super easy organizing with tags and folder collections. You can save and tag a page in 2 clicks

Just press ⌘+⇪+S to save a page. You can also choose a cover for the bookmark from images found on the page!
Just press ⌘+⇪+S to save a page. You can also choose a cover for the bookmark from images found on the page!

🤯 Fast, full-text search. Raindrop can search through the entire content of every bookmark and PDF you’ve saved, making it your personal Google! Bonus: There's Boolean search

📱 Robust app availability and uniform experience across mobile & desktop. Windows & Mac. Bookmarks are no longer isolated in one app

✨ Visual experience: Sometimes you can only identify a website you've visited after you see the image associated with it

Design >>>
Design >>>

🥰 Other delightful features:

  • Permanent copy: Even if a page is taken down, you'll still have a copy of it
  • Public sharing: You can publicly showcase any folder (here's an example)
  • IFTTT & Zapier integration: Auto save Youtube videos or Product Hunt upvotes
  • Save all tabs at once! You've done deep research and need to save all open tabs for future reference? Raindrop got you.

It was also the #2 Product of the month on Product Hunt.

All this and it has an epic forever free version. Without ads!

What more can I do?

✍️ Power users of note-taking apps like Roam Research and Obsidian will love how this productivity influencer seamlessly integrates Raindrop with note-taking.

🛰️ Check out Alfred for Mac. You can access your bookmarks right from your Alfred spotlight search bar!

What's next?

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