All messages in one single place:

All messages in one single place:

A. The Problem and The Pitch

How do you communicate with friends and family? And colleagues? 📲

Do you text them on multiple apps? WhatsApp, iMessage, Slack, Twitter...? 😵

What if you had one place for it all?

It's hard to keep up with all your messaging apps, various group chats & messaging platforms to reply to - half combine with your laptop, many don't - messages are easily missed (sorry Mum!).

Never miss a message ?
Never miss a message ? That sounds familiar. Wuphf!

Its hard to even...

...remember which friends prefer which platform 😔

...remember where your friend had shared that movie recommendation 🤷

...or search for that message among all your apps 🤕

But what if there was one messaging app to rule them all? 😏  With all your messages in one place allowing you to allocate time to responding instead of getting pinged 24/7!

That's Texts 💬

One inbox. For all your messages.

Especially for those who spend hours every day using Whatsapp, iMessage, Twitter DMs etc.


It's a 🖥️ desktop chat app that aggregates all your messages in one place. In a familiar interface. The immense horsepower that goes into integrating with 10+ messaging platforms 🤯  fades into the background, so that you can simply chat with your friends, family and colleagues in one place (And label them, so that you can keep those chats separate).

Texts has integrations for all major messaging platforms including iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, FB Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slack, Discord and more.

B. What's special?

Texts is what messaging should be. Simple and fast.

Note: Although I got access to Texts on Oct 1, 2021, I'm not able to share full-screen grabs like in previous articles since Texts is in closed private beta.

#1 ⏳ Massive time saving: It is one desktop app that houses all your chats. No more switching between between multiple apps, Slack workspaces and Twitter accounts.


#2 🤫 Privacy: Messages never touch Texts' servers. They're sent directly to the platforms preserving end-to-end encryption. They make money by charging a monthly subscription.


#3 ⚡ Super fast: Keyboard to navigate and search across all conversations. Find that link, document, picture or video from forever ago easily. And you can search across all apps instantly!


#4 💌 Email-like control: Never miss a message again. Archive chats to hit inbox zero. Keep chats unread by default until you respond to them. Snooze people that you don't want to get to just yet. Schedule messages so they get sent at appropriate times when people are active.


Vercel founder, Guillermo Rauch, has been an outspoken supporter.
Vercel founder, Guillermo Rauch, has been an outspoken supporter.
Superhuman co-founder, Vivek Sodera, is a big believer of what they're doing!
Superhuman co-founder, Vivek Sodera, is a big believer of what they're doing!

C. What's more?

  1. 🤔 This seems like a big problem. Has it been done before? Yes, there was Disa. It supported SMS and also allowed you to natively log into Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. It later fell short when WhatsApp pulled API access.
  2. 👀 Landscape: Beeper comes closest to what Texts is building. It is founded by Pebble's founder (yes, the smartwatch that sold to Google)
  3. 💻 OS: Texts app runs on macOS, Windows & Linux. Texts for iOS is in alpha testing (Source)

D. What's next?

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