A smart canvas for your mind: Ultra

A smart canvas for your mind: Ultra

A. The Problem and The Pitch

How do you organize your ideas and inspiration? 🤔

Do you feel the need for a tack board? 📌

Are you a visual thinker? 💭


Most of us use various tools to manage ideas and projects: notebooks, apps, bookmarks, Pinterest boards, our camera reels - feel familiar? Our "remember this for later" references are all over the place. (Unless you’re using MyMind)

It's even more tricky to re-dig out that information when looking for it at a later date...

What if you had a digital board to pin all your ideas and inspiration? 😍

What if we could bring order to chaos by automatically pulling in links shared in those apps so you can keep everything together in one place. Visually organized.

⚡That’s Ultra ⚡

A multi-media smart canvas for your mind. A clipboard on steroids.


Ultra.tf is a supercharged version of notes. You can create a new canvas by pasting/dragging pretty much anything onto the super-smart interface. And it looks beautiful by default. Links, images, videos, audio, colors, code — you name it.

B. What's special?

It is simple, gorgeous, and minimal. You can keep it pinned in your browser and use it for a wide range of tasks: Visual bookmarking, multi-media, mood-boarding, spatial grouping, and much more.

  • 😎 Effortless: It is the easiest way to collate your ideas, projects, notes & inspiration all in one place visually. A clipboard on steroids. Without a need to tag or organize links into folders. You can also insert pretty much any format onto the canvas, from curating links, videos, audio, colors, even embedding Youtube / Vimeo videos & adding code! (All we need next is a Web clipper extension like Notion does)

  • 🔍 Simple search: Ultra is also a 'smart' tool as it's hyper-sensitive to search, making it exceptionally easy to pull out visuals, inspirations & notes. Forget layers of navigation. Everything in Ultra flows through the command menu.
  • image

  • 🤘Personal & Ready for sharing: Ultra is unique because it creates an intuitive flow of documentation & a creative take on a visual way of thinking. You can also share your inspiration. Your personal canvas is available on a unique subdomain. Here’s mine for reference. (Psst: You can also play the media on my canvas!)
  • Link to my board:
    Link to my board: Tejas’ Canvas

C. What's next?

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